From “Civil Servant” to “Salt Craftsperson”

Our master, Enjiro Tanoya, told us, ” It is not a job you should do by quitting the civil service together.”
Even so, we felt that salt making was a job that we should devote our lives to.
We want to show people the salt that fascinates us, and the techniques we use to make it.
With this in mind, we continue to devote ourselves to salt making today.

Tanoya Shiran Salt

Ideal salt is a “bridge between the sea and people.”

Seawater contains about 90 minerals.
As the word “blood tide” suggests, the balance of minerals in seawater is similar to that of the human body.
The salt is crystallized slowly in the sun for 3 months in summer and 6 months in winter, without destroying or spoiling the sea, and is a salt that blends well with “people” and “ingredients.
Tanoya Shiran aims to create salt that bridges the gap between the sea and people, and salt that accentuates the taste of the ingredients to the maximum extent possible.



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